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Accept crypto payment is easy

We accept crypto for global merchants to attract more consumers with crypto currencies as an alternative payment. Bayyar is a crypto payment gateway to get more revenues and expand globally with ease.

Free of charge to create a shopnote

We accept major cryptocurrencies

Instant settlement

Metamask wallet supported


What Bayyar Offers

As crypto becomes more and more accessible, we provide alternative payment solution using crypto for the ease of doing business. Get more revenues from the customers who hodl crypto in their wallets.

The merchant and customer payment experience is easy and intuitive as any other payment method. Accept cryptocurrency in your retail store or business shop in just three simple steps.

How Bayyar Works

Step 1

Customer buys shopnote using metamask to purchase

Step 2

Bayyar processes the payment

Step 3

Receive the payment in your metamask wallet instantly

The shopnote represents your business token, a form of cryptocurrency that one party can use to pay another party.

We settle payments using our cutting edge blockchain technology.

The payment in cryptocurrency is transferred automatically into your metamask wallet in real-time.


Why Choose Bayyar

Scan & Pay.
It's Easy!

Generate more sales by offering your customers more ways to pay with crypto.

Fast & Reliable

We use Tokenin platform to mint the shopnote token for your business to grow and expand globally.

Cutting Edge Blockchain

We use polygon side-chain network to process the payment. Polygon has the scalability and low gas fee to process every transaction.


Give your business an edge, and let your customers enjoy a new level of speed, convenience and efficiency. 

Bayyar's Catalog


"Bayyar gives our business more opportunities and let our business to grow faster as the crypto industry attracts more international guests using our services."

Lyla Rosen

Chief Product Officer, Mico

“Bayyar makes everything easy and seamless. The shopnote feature is really cutting edge. We decided to accept crypto as payment for our business so we can get more revenues.”

Ben Dersler

Head of Design, DimenXen

“Using blockchain and shopnote are truly innovative to increase our sales and at the same time promoting our business with really cool features.”

Ryan Fry

Product Designer, Drolo

Build trust in trade with blockchain